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Webinar on Emotional Intelligence and Healthcare

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Webinar on Emotional Intelligence and Healthcare
Extraordinary webinar series on
Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Healthcare
starting at 30 April 2020, 20:00 CEST 

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We are going through an unprecedented era. Nothing we have experienced in the past matches these moments. In such times of difficulty and stress, when everything we know has been replaced by the unknown, there has been a beautiful flowering of solidarity among doctors from different countries sharing their Covid-19 experiences.
The tale of this epoch is something that we are writing together. We all have our roles to play, especially as physicians. To paraphrase Charles Dickens, it is not only a “season of darkness but also one of light,” not just “a winter of despair,” but equally “a spring of hope”! We need as much support as we can get as medical professionals to navigate these uncertain and extraordinary times in order to face our daily battles with strength and courage.

It is with this intent that EADV is honoured to collaborate with Goleman EI for a webinar series on “Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Healthcare” starting on the 30th of April with the father of Emotional Intelligence himself, Daniel Goleman, Michele Nevarez, CEO of Goleman EI, and Belinda Chiu, Goleman EI Faculty member and Meta-Coach.
EI (in a nutshell) is the ability to manage yourself, your emotions, and your relationships in an optimal way. It is epitomised by qualities such as self-awareness, focus, emotional balance and empathy to name a few. EI enables us to observe our own internal reactions and emotions and ultimately make better choices that lead to better outcomes for ourselves and others. EI enables us to activate our inner coach, giving us access to our inner calm, wisdom and basic kindness. Developing our own EI strengthens our positive outlook and our resilience -- both incredibly valuable in the troubled times we are navigating.
Please join us for this extraordinary Webinar, listen to the fundamentals of EI by the experts themselves, and learn some tips and strategies that will help you manage optimally as a healthcare practitioner and individual in your daily life.
In the meantime, be well and stay strong!

On behalf of the EADV Education Committee,
Prof. Trakatelli Myrto-Georgia
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