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Наградите GREENTECHУважаеми колеги,

представяме ви листовките на наградите GREENTECH за млади изследователи.
Първата награда е стипендия от 15 000 евро, които ще позволят на младите изследователи да продължат работата си по своите разработки. Втората награда е 4 000 евро за най-добър постер, оригиналност и научен интерес от представените резултати.

Поне 9 млади изследователя ще бъдат избрани по документи и ще бъдат поканени да покажат техните разработки по време на 2nd SPIM (SKIN PHYSIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL MEETING)

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We are pleased to send you the leaflet of the 2nd GREENTECH AWARDS which will reward the best works of young researchers.

The 1st prize is a grant of 15,000 euros which will allow the young researcher to carry on its works or to get new technologies and then to harden his PhD or post-PhD training.

The 2nd prize of 4,000 euros will reward the best poster as well in its presentation, the originality of its approach as in the scientific interest of the presented results.

At least, 9 young researchers selected on dossier by a scientific committee will be invited to show their works during this 2nd SPIM, 2nd bi-annual meeting place gathering physiologists, biochemists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, angiologists, phlebologists.

These meetings should be convivial, synergistic and animated by the enthusiasm of the participants. The 2nd SPIM will take place next november 17th, 18th and 19th in Vichy, a town boosting the image of health, sport and dynamism.

We thank you very much to spread this information to all your colleagues and to the laboratories you guess they can be interested to participate in this award.

We also thank you very much to spread this information to your young researchers, PhD and post-PhD and to encourage them to participate in these 2nd GREENTECH AWARDS by sending a presentation of their works. Dossier should be sent before June 30th, 2010. You can also visit the website to take all information you need (

Perhaps it will be for some of them the first opportunity to make an oral presentation during this Congress, also the opportunity to present their works in front of people in charge of public or private laboratories and then to their future responsible.

If you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Very Best Regards.

Dr Jean-Yves BERTHON

Biopole clermont-Limagne
63360 Saint-Beauzire
T 0033 4 73 33 99 00
F 0033 4 73 33 91 32
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